Roof Replacements

The roof is your homes most valuable and important component. Deciding to replace it or have the decision made for you is not easy. Let Rocky Mountain Roofing, one of Montana's elite roofing contractors, help you make this process easier.

Our roofing specialist will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your roof and complete a thorough inspection report for your review. From materials and color selections, to what to expect before, during and after the roof's replacement, our specialist will be there to assist you.

Roof Repairs

Roof leaks, no matter how small can lead to major damage in your home or business. Water, in the walls or attic can create big problems if not corrected quickly.

Let our trained specialists detect the cause of the leak, evaluate the damage done and prepare the right course of action to remedy the issue. Our roofing specialists are well versed in most varieties of roofing materials. We will utilize the material that matches your existing roof, to provide you with a durable and esthetically pleasing repair.